Package net.sf.json.util

Miscelaneous utilities


Interface Summary
JsonEventListener Defines the contract to handle JsonEvents when building an object or array.

Class Summary
CycleDetectionStrategy Base class for cycle detection in a hierarchy.
The JSON spec forbides cycles in a hierarchy and most parsers will raise and error when a cycle is detected.
JavaIdentifierTransformer Transforms a string into a valid Java identifier.
There are five predefined strategies: NOOP: does not perform transformation. CAMEL_CASE: follows the camel case convention, deletes non JavaIndentifierPart chars. UNDERSCORE: transform whitespace and non JavaIdentifierPart chars to '_'. WHITESPACE: deletes whitespace and non JavaIdentifierPart chars. STRICT: always throws a JSONException, does not perform transformation.
JSONBuilder JSONBuilder provides a quick and convenient way of producing JSON text.
JSONStringer JSONStringer provides a quick and convenient way of producing JSON text.
JSONTokener A JSONTokener takes a source string and extracts characters and tokens from it.
JSONUtils Provides useful methods on java objects and JSON values.
NewBeanInstanceStrategy Base class for creating Bean instances.
DEFAULT - calls Class.newInstance().
PropertyExclusionClassMatcher Base class for finding a matching property exlucsion.
DEFAULT - matches the target class with equals().
PropertySetStrategy Defines a custom setter to be used when setting object values.
Specify with JsonConfig.setJsonPropertySetter().
WebHijackPreventionStrategy Defines base implementations for preventing WebHijack in AJAX applications.
WebUtils Provides useful methods for working with JSON and web.

Package net.sf.json.util Description

Miscelaneous utilities